The Empress of Ice Cream (icecreamempress) wrote,
The Empress of Ice Cream

Mississippi Personhood Amendment

So, yes, this is a real thing, and I support the people who are opposing it!

I'm a little troubled by the way some people have seized on the "will criminalize miscarriage" not just as an example of the absurdity of the bill, but with an implication that criminalizing miscarriage is somehow worse than criminalizing abortion. Criminalizing medical procedures seems to me just as morally bad as criminalizing natural body processes, though obviously for women who have lost wanted pregnancies the added emotional cruelty of a criminal case would be horrific.

28% of women in the US are estimated to have had abortions (including me). 25% to 35% of women in the US are estimated to have had miscarriages (including me). Of course, since my miscarriage was of a pregnancy I already had an appointment to terminate, I guess I'm Mississippi Public Enemy #1.
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